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Over the years I accumulated a number of (at least sometimes) useful how-to articles and tutorials on various topics that I frequently lookup through Google when I need to refresh my memory on something.
Unfortunately, I don’t always find my own stuff right away so I thought it may be useful to have a page where all of this content is linked to.


Using ELMAH Error logging with Castle MonoRail Rescues

Mixing static strings with NVelocity variables

ActiveRecord gotchas when testing with an in memory database.

Building a databound contact form with MonoRail – Part 1: Views and Databinding

Building a databound contact form with MonoRail – Part 2: Sending Emails

ARFetch attribute in MonoRail

Castle Windsor

Castle Windsor XML Configuration Schema

Extensibility can equal configurability

Continous Integration

Setting up Cruide Control .NET

Another take on Continous Integration


Custom ASP.NET Membership Provider

ASP.NET HttpModule that detects debug mode

Session handling in ASP.NET

Validation controls in ASP.NET

Precompiled deployment in ASP.NET


Hide the HttpContext services with Windsor and a custom ControllerFactory

DateTime parsing in ASP.NET MVC RouteEngine

ELMAH ASP.NET Error logging on MVC (Elmah wiki)

Visual Studio

Stop VS from injecting IDs into your markup

Dark Visual Studio Theme – Come to the dark side

Conditional breakpoints in Visual Studio

Sharing a common AssemblyInfo between projects in a solution

Essential tools for .NET Developers


The deprecated target attribute and jQuery

Project organization

Handling dependencies

Sourcecontrol and Databases, when ORM comes in handy


Unit testing with mocks (Part 1)

Unit testing with mocks – Rhino Mocks basics (Part 2)

Tests should last forever

.NET Unit testing tools

Don’t forget the Refactor in Red-Green-Refactor


The power of delegates in C#

LinQ isn’t only for SQL but also for memory

override vs new in C#

Static members in generic classes

Juggling generics


Mapping large text or binary values with NHibernate

Fluent NHibernate gotchas when testing with an in memory database.


WebKit like focus indicator for WPF Windows

My Photography business


dynamic css for .NET