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Posted by Daniel Hölbling on October 23, 2008


After looking at the default color settings of Visual Studio for the last 8 years of my life I finally decided to give Rob Conery’s Vibrant-Ink theme for Visual Studio a try.

I discovered this lovely little theme quite some time ago, but I really didn’t see any benefit from changing my settings to this, so I forgot about it.
Until recently I started to feel the pain of working 10+ hours on a mediocre screen.
Eye strain was quite bad, and when someone suggested the theme (again) at Stackoverflow I finally tried it.

And, I have to admit, not only does my VS now look way cooler. My eyes feel less tired after long hours of work.

I would definitely suggest trying the theme, it’s just incredible.

Get the theme over at Rob Conery’s Blog and maybe adjust it a bit like Andrew Stopford suggests. But still, stick with Consolas as your font!

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