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New team member on dotless: Luke Page

You may have noticed that my blog is filling itself slowly with stuff about Ruby and Unix in general. This has to do with the fact that for now 3 months I am working on Rails full time with very little to no .NET work in between.

While this is awesome for me and I am really enjoying it - it also means that I don't have a .NET dev environment available at work and quickly merging in a pull request and testing it has become quite a hassle. So dotless has had quite some open tickets that where already fixed but where not yet merged into the mainline due to me lagging behind on responding to pull requests.

Fortunately, most/all pull requests have come from our very active Luke Page who has been busily fixing bugs and contributing features - so adding him to the dotless core team is a logical choice to cut down on the lag I or James where inducing into the process.

Since James felt the same we are happy to announce that Luke Page is now part of the dotless team with commit access and everything. So, welcome onboard Luke! Thanks for being part of dotless :)

plupload and IE8

Just a quick reminder for future Daniel who will surely run into this issue again in the near future:

If you don't specify the container property during plupload's setup it will use the body tag.

Problem with this is that on IE8 this may cause the flash fallback for file-uploads to span the whole body element and make the page unaccessible to clicks from the user.

So always include some dummy element nobody will click on and specify it as container.

Oh: And can we please get off IE8 at last?

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