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dotless v1.2.1 released

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on August 20, 2011

Remember dotless, the awesome little framework that makes writing CSS a enjoyable and nice experience? Well, it's time to announce a new major/minor version!

Major? Yes - James in all secrecy tagged a v1.2 without me putting out a formal NuGet package. So v1.2 has been available for quite some time but only to the few interested souls that follow us on GitHub and those who got it to compile.

So it's been about time we formally push out v1.2 (and me writing about it). But, as with all software 1.2 had some open issues that got patched by the community and that's why we are calling it 1.2.1 :)

The binaries are now available through NuGet with a simple:

PM> Install-Package dotless

Or you can simply grab the binaries from GitHub . If you care to build the code yourself from source: knock yourself out

Hope you enjoy writing lesscss - I for sure do.

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