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Presenting dotless at Barcamp Vienna

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on May 22, 2010


Next weekend (29-30th of May) I’ll be attending Barcamp Vienna and plan on having a talk about dotless and it’s advantages over regular CSS. Since my last dotless presentation at Barcamp Klagenfurt was a pretty huge success I guess I’ll keep to the basic structure of the talk and also go into some detail around the organizational stuff that’s involved when managing an OSS project.

Since I expect the crowd in Vienna to be more technical than the usual web2.0 enthusiasts/blogger mix we see in Klagenfurt I also plan on maybe delivering a talk on the best SCM there is: Git.

Since the whole thing is hosted by Microsoft I expect a lot more .NET developers to show up, so it should be a fun and interesting weekend.

See you there!

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