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imagineClub Website feedback results

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on July 11, 2009

I hate web development, I learned to hate it when I was translating Photoshop designs into XHTML years ago and I was really hoping to never do it again.

Unfortunately, most people who took the iC Website design survey really liked the new design, so I decided to start working to get this thing done sometime soon. Here is the poll result:


Thanks again to all who participated!

So, where are we? First: I am developing the iC website in the open. The source code is available at the project’s BitBucket site, so if you want to see what progress has been made just follow the project’s commit history RSS.

Sadly, Currently the repository is more or less a blank MonoRail template while I am trying to get the XHTML to look like Kristof’s design. I am really trying hard to maintain a clean markup to enable accessibility to all users.

Unfortunately, my CSS skills are somewhat lacking, so I had to learn the hard way that background-position won’t work with background-repeat, and that there is no chance in hell we’ll ever support IE6.

I’m also not sure yet on what license the project should use. I slashed a APL2 license on it just to have one, but I guess we’ll drop that in favor of a CC license.

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