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Murphy’s law knows no exceptions

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on February 2, 2009

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

Today is one of those days where I really expect UFOs to land or drunk reindeers to drop some white bearded guy off at my doorstep. It can’t possibly get any worse does it?

First thing I look out of the window to see everything covered in snow right when I’m already late to an appointment, then I finally realize that my laptop is broken.

Now, back at home I went up to the attic where I keep all hardware boxes I acquired during the last 10 years and searched for the DELL OEM support CDs I got with my sweet little laptop.

Guess what? Nowhere to be found.

Turns out, my little brother bought himself a Dell Inspirion 1530 Laptop some time ago. When the Laptop came it turned out that it lacked the required GPU power (they just switched the 15XX series from Nvidia 8600M to ATI X1330 graphics) so he sent it back and got a refund on his money.

Now, what also happened was that my Laptop box was lying around right next to his laptop box on our attic, so when he repacked his laptop to send it back, he accidentally packaged it in my box.
So, not only did that box contain all the packaging material I keep around in case I need to send stuff back, no it also contained all driver and support disks (and the bundled Creative Headphones I got with the XPS).

So now I’m really screwed in a way because I am having trouble with a Laptop that is running Windows 7, I have no way of restoring it to Windows Vista, and I have to explain to Dell that the problem is not caused by Windows 7 because it also was there when I used Vista.

Oh, and while at it. I can’t find the bill and shipping notice for my laptop at the moment.
What a great day. I wish I had given in to that voice in the morning telling me to stay in bed because I felt sick.

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