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Posted by Daniel Hölbling on April 4, 2008

Sorry for me being so silent for the last weeks. I've been quite busy and for a week or so I am just trying to get my unread feeds back to under 100 again.

That's also why I thought about writing this post.
After I marked 2 consecutive posts as shared on my Google Reader I really had the urge to say this out loud:

Thank you Jeff Atwood for your blog!

I have been following the blog for quite some time now, and I have to admit that there is hardly any other blog I enjoyed reading as much as codinghorror.

It's not really the most informative blog if you are searching for any solid programming hints, but Jeff manages to really keep his focus on geeky - interesting tech topics that can't easily be put in niche like .NET, Java, Ruby, SOA etc..

So, for anyone interested in a really great read you can find Jeff's blog here.

Oh, and the book he derived the term "codinghorror" from, Code Complete by Steve McConnel is a very good read too!

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