This little page will help you exercise your manual auto point selection procedure on the Canon 7D/70D 19 point AF system.

It should help you to learn how to select the focus point while looking through the viewfinder using the two dials on the camera, and most importantly: Committing it to muscle memory!
The idea here is give you a test-target that will randomly switch focus points and you have 5 seconds to change the focus point on your camera while looking through the viewfinder.


  • Take your camera, hit the AF select button on it and look through the viewfinder at the black area below.
  • Adjust your focal length until the white rectangles are roughly below your AF points in the viewfinder (I used a 50mm lens when developing this)
  • Hit the start button.
  • Every 5 seconds one of the 19 focus points on the screen will become red telling you what point to change your focus to
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There is obviously no scoring system or anything else, as there is no way to determine when you hit the right focus point. The idea is to give you a target, nothing else.

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